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Here are some of our latest going-ons

Taking A Break

Carers are worth their weight in gold but even they need time to recharge their batteries to help them stay well and feel better able to cope with caring. If a Carer struggles to take a break from caring this can have an impact on their relationships with their partner, other family and friends.  ItRead More…

Bag Your Vote

We are delighted to have been chosen by Tesco to be one of  their chosen charities,  from 1st July 2018 until 31st August 2018, every time you purchase a bag you will be offered a blue coin to vote for one of the three charities, please vote for Tapestry.  If for any reason you buyRead More…

Keep Your Cool

With temperatures already in the high 20’s, please consider your neighbours, friends or family members who may suffer from the heat. Here are a few tips to help keep them cool. Make sure that they drink plenty of water, staying hydrated is essential when it is hot. Avoid drinks that could make you dehydrated suchRead More…

Dementia Awareness Week Events

Wed 23rd of May Transport Road Show Look out for our Transport Team who will be touring the borough with Dementia Action Alliance to help raise awareness.  Our Dementia Advisory Coordinator will be giving out information packs and you can come and talk to the team at the following times and locations: 10am – 12pm   Read More…