Tapestry is an independent registered charity that is committed to supporting adults in leading a positive and fulfilling live. We believe that independence is one of life’s most important assets, and that it is equally important as we mature and get older. Whatever the situation, we’ll always try to encourage people to maximise their opportunities by remaining as independent as they can.


The roots of Tapestry go far back, all the way to 1949 when the Hornchurch Urban District Council decided that an independent organisation needed to be formed to deal with Havering’s aging post-war population. An ‘Old Persons Welfare Committee’ was set up to address this, and was later renamed to become ‘Hornchurch Older Persons Welfare Association, or HOPWA.

In 1973, we were approached by the ever-growing national ‘Age Concern’ campaign about becoming a local Age Concern to better serve the people of Havering. We agreed, and both HOPWA and ROPWA (Rainham Older Persons Welfare Association) merged to become Age Concern Havering.

We rebranded to become Tapestry in 2014, after deciding to not become an Age UK, and have since had the opportunity to grow and flourish into an expert and empathetic organisation that is dedicated to helping local people. In 2016 we formally changed our name to Tapestry Care UK.  Whilst we remain a charity we aim to work as a social business.

Our Services

Every one of our activities and projects fall into one of our four easily-distinguishable service areas:

Information & Advice: Ensuring that local people have the information they need:
 Advice & Support; Form-Filling; My Health Matters; Trade Directory; Odd Jobs and Financial Services.
Visit the Information & Advice Page>>

Homecare: Supporting local people at home and within the community:
Personal & Domestic Care; Personal Care; Medication Support; Foot and Hand Care; Companionship and Carer Support.
Visit the Homecare Page>>

Wellbeing Centres: Enabling local people to maintain their independence:
Wellbeing Centres; Wellbeing Activities; Food Services and Minibus Transport Services.
Visit the Health & Wellbeing Page>>

Social Inclusion (Making Connections): Ensuring the local people are well-connected:
Home Befriending; Telephone Befriending; Social Groups; Coach Trips and ‘Community Inclusion’ Events.
Visit the Making Connections Page>>

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