Care in Nursing Homes – an alternative

The report from the Care Quality Commission ( concerning the number of nursing homes failing on safety issues is a concern for anyone who has an older relative requiring care. Carers are no doubt worried about the quality of provision for their loved one when looking for a nursing home.

But is there an alternative to a nursing home for older people?  We believe that the answer is yes.  At Tapestry we offer both Wellbeing Centres and Homecare services that mean that older people can receive care, stay in their home, retain their independence and meet people.  And that the cost of this is significantly lower than a nursing home which often charge a minimum of £1000 per week.

Tapestry can provide a Wellbeing Centre six days per week complete with food and entertainment and offers return transport to the Centre. We also provide domestic and personal care 365 days of the year and the availability of Companions who can take someone out shopping, attending appointments or going to a coffee.

We believe that solutions to the care crisis for older people offered by agencies such as ours need to be looked at seriously by Government.  Older people who require care should not be faced with the option to either be left at home with short care visits or have to leave their home and move to a nursing home. There needs to be – and already is – a third option. The time to support this option is now.