Care Calculator

You can use our care calculator to get a brief insight into how much our services could cost you on a weekly and monthly basis; and how much you could be saving by receiving care in your own home.

The calculator will ask you how much Personal Care, Domestic Care and Companionship you will need to support you within your home; give you the opportunity to see how much a Tapestry Centre could cost; and give you the chance to request information about our Footcare, Financial Services and our partnerships with other organisations who can help. When you’ve filled in the form, the calculator will provide an estimate into how much your care could cost. You can then choose to amend your answers until you get a cost that suits your budget; or send your estimation to our team, who can talk you through your options.

DISCLAIMER: This care calculator is for reference only, and does not constitute a ‘final’ or ‘confirmed’ price in any circumstances. The price of your care could increase or decrease dependant on other factors that are highlighted during or after the assessment stage, or if your needs change. Prices last updated August 2017.

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