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Our commitment to provide food to the community is central to the way we work. Having a healthy balanced diet is extremely important. Eating healthily is not just good for our body, but also for our mind and our overall quality of life:

Ways we can help:

  • Our Wellbeing Centres have on-site restaurants that serve nutritious food throughout the morning and afternoon. Every single meal we make is freshly prepared in our purpose-built kitchens by our team of passionate chefs. From a tasty breakfast in the morning to give you a spring in your step, to a light mid-afternoon snack after a day of fun activity, we guarantee to leave you feeling satisfied. Our Wellbeing Clubs, Making Connections Clubs and group activities also benefit from the offer of healthy, nutritious food. The food for these clubs is freshly prepared in our Wellbeing Centre kitchens and then ‘whisked’ across town to where it’s needed.
  • Our Health Champions, some of who which have attended Nutrition Training, go out to events across the area to raise awareness and educate local people as to why eating healthily is important. They can also signpost people to relevant local services if they feel that they need support in eating healthily. Need help at home? Our Homecare Team can help you with meal preparation in your own home and our Companions can take you shopping to ensure that you’ve always got access to good quality food.

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