Our strategies to tackle this week's high temperatures


The buses have aircon, but it is not designed to battle 40-degree heat, so it will not be as effective.

In response journey times, particularly return journeys at the end of the day will be staggered to shorten the time clients are on the buses.


Predominantly cold meals will be provided, as this is what the clients prefer. This will reduce cooking time and therefore protect clients and staff from the excessive heat of the kitchens.


Those clients not attending on the severe hot days and those who receive other services, will be regularly telephoned to ensure they are safe in the heat.

Ice Lollies will be given out in the afternoon

Please stay safe in the heat!

As temperatures increase, make sure you're looking out for yourself and others:

  • Drink enough fluids  
  • Know the signs of heat stroke 
  • Plan ahead  
  • Protect your skin and eyes  
  • Watch out for pets

To contact us please email [email protected] or call 01708 796600