Tapestry Breaks the 50,000 Delivery Mark!

"We are here to help"

Tapestry breaks the 50,000 meals delivered barrier!
During the pandemic lockdowns, it became clear, very quickly, that very vulnerable people were not able to eat properly due to lack of access to food or the inability or lack of resources to cook for themselves.
Eating healthily is vital for vulnerable people living with mental or physical challenges and a lack of food can lead very quickly to the need for emergency care.
In response Tapestry stepped in creating, in just 24 hours, a hot food delivery service providing not just healthy food, but face-to-face contact reducing loneliness and isolation and providing much-needed safeguarding.
Post-COVID, the need for this service has not gone away and Tapestry has continued to provide this vital service to people who need it.
This week we will break the 50,000 meals delivered barrier, and we want to celebrate this amazing milestone by thanking all the staff and volunteers and local businesses who have contributed to this amazing achievement.
If you wish to contribute to ensuring the continuation of this service, please visit our website https://www.justgiving.com/achavering 

Just £2.00 will pay for the ingredients of a meal, £2.50 will pay for the packaging and delivery and £4.00 will pay for the cost of our amazing chefs to make it
At Tapestry, We are here to help and offer a range of services to help provide care and support to vulnerable adults in our communities for more details visit https://www.tapestry-uk.org/ 

- Tony Lowe M.B.E (CEO of Tapestry Care UK)

To contact us please email us at [email protected] or call on 01708 796600