Tapestry Care UK ensures that both clients and employees in our day centres are protected, despite the rise in Omicron cases that are being reported in the UK. For that reason, we ensure that:

  • all staff including volunteers are fully vaccinated and wear PPE
  • lateral flow tests are completed regularly
  • temperature are checked on arrival
  • there is social distancing between clients and staff when possible unless seeking client's needs
  • there are sanitising stations in every room
  • our day centres are cleaned regularly 
  • windows and doors are left open as much as possible for ventilation
  • staff members (including outsourced staff) who are not required in day centres work from home 

Safety always comes first and here at Tapestry Care UK that is the case. So please join us at Tapestry where we specialise in dementia care and respite care for older adults in Havering.

For more information and to contact us:

Please call: 0170879660

Please email: [email protected]