This year's theme is "know dementia, know Alzheimer's" focusing on post-diagnosis support.
At Tapestry, we specialise in dementia care and support for vulnerable adults in Havering.
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World Alzheimer's Month is a global opportunity to raise awareness around, educate, encourage support of and demystify dementia. World Alzheimer’s Day takes place on 21 September as part of World Alzheimer's Month.

What is the theme for World Alzheimer's Month?

The theme for World Alzheimer's Month in September 2022 is Know dementia, know Alzheimer's. This is the same theme as 2021, but this year it has a special focus on post-diagnosis support.

Support after a dementia diagnosis

There’s a lot to think about after receiving a diagnosis of dementia. But you are not alone. Alzheimer's Society can help you adjust to a diagnosis and access support.

Learn about different types of post-diagnosis support

The GP will provide support by offering treatments, referrals, advice and information to manage the condition and live well with dementia. 

Our expert advisers can also provide information about dementia, emotional support and advice tailored to you through our support line.

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